How to Recover Deleted Email Files with File Recovery Freeware?

  • Your computer crashed and you lost your e-mail files.
  • You deleted an e-mail file that you need to recover.
  • You lost an e-mail file due to a virus infection or other system failure.

How to recover deleted or lost Email files? This article will tell you how to recover deleted or lost Email files, you will find it so easy.

Outlook PST files

PST files are very complex and in some instances recovered PST files will not function until they have also been repaired. This is done by running a program called "scanpst.exe" (also known as the "Inbox Repair Tool") which is installed by default on all Windows computer systems. Use Data Recovery Wizard to find your deleted PST file. If errors occur when you try to access it, use the Inbox Repair Tool to fix it. Once you have recovered and repaired the file you will once again be able to open the file in Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook Express DBX Files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition will recover deleted Microsoft Outlook Express DBX files which have been emptied from or bypassed the Windows Recycle Bin. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition will not recover individual message deleted from within Microsoft Outlook Express.

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Web Mail (Hotmail, Yahoo etc ...)

In some cases, it is possible to recover the deleted Web based email messages (such as Hotmail or Yahoo). This can only be done if you have previously opened and looked at the message on your computer before (the message is cached to your computer and can be recovered as a HTML page).

Email file recovery software

Recovering deleted emails requires data recovery software to recover deleted files. Individual emails are not stored as separate files by most email programs. Usually, an entire mail folder such as your Inbox is one single file. So if you have lost an entire email folder by deletion or format drive, normal undelete software will be much help to you recover deleted email.

Each mail folder used by your email program is a database file that contains all the emails. In the case of Microsoft Outlook the database file (PST file, for Personal STorage) also contains other data, such as your contacts and appointments.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition can easily recover previously deleted or lost e-mail files from hard drives, camera cards, USB's, Zip disks, floppy disks or other removable drives and disks.


  • Recover deleted email files with one click
  • Able to recover deleted and formatted Email files.
  • Supports all versions of FAT and NTFS and regenerates files even from lost, deleted partitions and from reformatted disks in Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/Windows 7.
  • Autosave allows continuing recovery, terminated at any stage.

To recover delete or lost Email files, follow these steps:

1. Click the "Deleted File Recovery" button on the main window of Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition.

email recovery software

2. Select the file types you want to recover. Tick 'Search all lost files automatically' to find all lost file types.

Select file types

3. You can see a list of your logical volumes found on your computer.

4. Choose one of them and press the "NEXT" button.

recover deleted email files

5. Data Recovery Wizard will read file system on selected volume.

6. This step will launch the Building directory interface to search the deleted files.

recover deleted email files

7. After this scanning is finished, you'll see file/folder tree.

8. You can click "Find file by name" or "Search files" to see search email files.

recover deleted email files

Note: You can also recover lost email files from Raw folders.

If the email files are stored in the volume which you formatted, deleted or damaged, you should use the "Complete Recovery" or "Partition Recovery" to recover lost email files.

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